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Character is built from the inside out.

“Remember the home has the strongest influence: school and church only supplement that. Your own behavior is the strongest influence your child has.
The way to keep out evil is to fill the mind and the time with wholesome, interesting thought and occupations. Let your watch word be occupy.”
-Burrell -1907
This is from the family at Teaching Good Things. What a great thought. I must occupy her with productive, wholesome thoughts and occupations. That means I have to first do so with my own self. Let my daughter never see me wasting my time.
I want her to see me cooking, sewing, gardening, reading, piano-playing, singing, cleaning, writing, creating, exercising, serving, and all with a cheerful attitude to be of service to God and to others.
I really want to pursue some entrepreneurial occupation in the home. I’m still bandying about different ideas. It ought to be something involving skillful work, which wouldn’t be too hard for her to also learn.
Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.
Proverbs 10:4

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Covered w/foil to protect the darkening crustRising high in the toaster oven.too dark, too high, too soon.A sorry excuse for bread; a great excuse for bread pudding!wet, underdeveloped textureWhat a toaster oven does to breadCovered w/foil to protect the darkening crustNotes to self for the next batch or bread:
-Use the dough hooks of your mixer instead of mixing w/a wooden spoon. You’re not strong enough to stir in enough flour to get it to pull away from the bowl.
-When neading, go till it looks smooth with blisters–at least 10 minutes, maybe 12. You already tried 8 min., but it wasn’t smooth at that point.
-Add more oil/butter to the rising bowl next time. Last time, you didn’t have enough and it still stuck to the bowl when you turned it out onto the pastry cloth.
-For a nicer, crispy crust next time, add steam or a little water for the 1st 5 min. of baking the loaves. Spray the sides of the oven w/water or pour a cup of water on an already-hot metal baking dish beneath the unbaked loaves, and shut the door so the steam goes onto the loaves.
-Success: this time, you greased the loaf pans only halfway up, and now the loaves are finally rising higher above the level of the pans (unlike last 2 times)!
-Measure water exactly next time. Too much water=sticky dough. Too little water=dry loaf.

Why is this the 2nd batch of bread where my dough is still so sticky after neading? Not enough flour still???? Oh. I know. I put a little too much water in the dough. I fudged on that knowingly. Though it’d be no big deal. Change that next time.

Mmmm, it smells good right now. My two lovely loaves are in my lovely brick toaster oven right now!!

Woops–they’re rising so high!! That must be because I followed a crazy recipe that says to add 2 packets of yeast, not 1. They’re getting way too dark–better put foil over the top to stop that.

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Despite its sub-standard appearance, my first pumpkin pie was a success with the family tonight at Thanksgiving Dinner! Everyone liked it. Whew! Mom thinks it was so good because I used sweetened condensed milk instead of evaporated milk. My sister said “So that’s what it was,” when I told her it has molasses in it. I’ll post the recipe later if I have time.

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