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I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently on the “Mommy Wars” set off when John McCain nominated Sarah Palin for his VP. I pretty much agree with the stance taken on this by those at Ladies Against Feminism and Vision Forum. From these sources, I have really been learning a lot about having more of a Christian worldview in all areas of life. The Bible requires manhood as the first primary qualification of any civil magistrate. 


But I’ve been thinking a lot more recently about the importance of Proposition 8 passing here in California. I’ve been doing more reading and studying and listening to an R. C. Sproul CD series of messages on the Church and the State. I am now convinced that, if Proposition 8 fails in California, that represents the failure of Christianity in California. Period. “Homosexual marriage” is a contradiction in terms. Imagine the absurd conversations that would happen soon if homosexual marriage gained ground and became accepted in society. Upon seeing the wedding ring on the finger of someone you just met, you would have to ask the person: “Are you married to a man or a woman?” If that’s a logical question, then why not ask: “Are you a man or a woman?” Because, after all, don’t homosexual men say they’re a woman in a man’s body (and vice versa)? It would be like living in Alice In Wonderland. Once we depart from God’s definitions anything at all, things get strange very quickly.  The homosexual imposters who think they are now married (such as my next door neighbors–I’m not joking–my lesbian next door neighbors had their “wedding” last month and their “honeymoon” in Aruba) are in reality trying for abolition of God’s law throughout the land. To accept this and not to fight it is to deny the faith! Why do I say this? Because, a few tyrannical judges in the judicial  branch of the State have made decided to redefine marriage. Clearly, they have exalted themselves as lords above God. Accepting this would require us to accept the State as god and deny the Lordship of Christ. That puts Christians back where they were in Caesar’s day, when Caesar exalted himself as god.  In the Great Commision,  Jesus taught us to teach all peoples to obey all of His commandments. Not just the politically correct commandments. How can we let go of God-ordained marriage without a fight to the death????

I walked precincts last Saturday for the http://www.ProtectMarriage.com campaign, and I was the only Christian in the group from my zip code. The rest were all Mormons from the same Stake. Where are the believers?? Why aren’t they acting? Why aren’t they fired up against those tyrants who want to abolish godly marriage? Make no mistake–that’s just what will happen, in effect, if Prop 8 fails. Look, in European countries that have legalized homosexual marriage, heterosexual people don’t even bother to get married anymore. But of course. To change the definition of marriage like this is to dilute it. If you dilute it, you kill it. Not to mention the unmentionable state-sanctioned abuse of children that would also result from homosexual “marriage!” Christians of California, stand up for God’s ways, and fight the godless paganism that has swept our land!!  Do it for the sake of the children!


It seems to me that Christians have self-silenced based on the prevailing doctrine of the land: the absolute truth of political correctness. I know I’m guilty of so doing. I often wonder why I and other Christians, when we hear someone say, “gay people didn’t choose to be gay, so they should be accepted and we should respect them as long as they’re in committed, monogomous relationships,” we Christians inwardly rebuke the statement, but outwardly give tacit approval by not immediately denouncing it as totally immoral, based on God’s Law. This silence gives tacit approval to their deception. And with Christians out of the way (simply because we’ve allowed ourselves to be intimidated into silence) the homosexual activists have managed to turn public opinion in their favor in a much shorter time than one would have expected! I’ve decided enough is enough. It’s almost like we Christians are submitting to the same mindset that the Jews in the Polish ghettos passively accepted–silencing ourselves for fear of repercussions. And thus, making ourselves powerless as they make us more and more marginalized, moving us more and more to the outskirts of society. No. It’s time for God’s people to “come out of the closet!” God alone is Sovereign over all that is in the earth, and His Law on sexuality has never been repealed. Sexual immorality of all kinds, including homosexuality, is breaking God’s Law. Marriage was created by God alone, not by man, not by government, and certainly not by a few tyrannical judges in San Francisco! God is the Creator of all things, therefore He gets to define His creation, its boundaries, and its purposes. The laws man makes must be within His terms. Otherwise, we’re making ourselves out to be gods. That is what the state is doing now. I think Christians have to stand up, like our ancient Brethren did in the days of Caesar, and say, “Christ is Lord,” not the State!  If we are persecuted for so doing, then we are in the company of the brave. Christ was crucified because of lawlessness, and those involved in it must repent and receive Christ’s unmatchable love and forgiveness, or else be judged for eternity in Hell. That is God’s truth. That is what we need to speak loudly and not fear the repercussions!


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